King Island Races & Golf

King Island Golf and King Island Races: the best of both worlds. The good news this week is that you can take a punt on the races and get your golf handicap down with a weekender to King Island attending the King Island Races and setting off around one (or two) of Australia’s best golf [...]

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King Island Golf. It’s not Scotland

Having reviewed over 700 golf courses and destinations worldwide, Jason Scott Deegan tells his readers that number one on his bucket list for any golfer is to travel overseas. ‘You'll battle wind and wild terrain along the shore. The ball will bounce like a ping pong on the firm, sandy turf. This is the way [...]

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King Island from Sydney with Southern Golf Getaways

King Island from Sydney: Southern Golf Getaways provides the quickest and most direct connection. King Island from Sydney is now accessible with a minimum of fuss by combining Jetstar and Southern Golf Getaways private charter services. Jetstar now operates two morning flights from Sydney providing a same day service to King Island. Golfers departing Sydney at 7.00am arrive at Avalon at [...]

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