King Island Races & Golf

King Island Golf and King Island Races: the best of both worlds.

The good news this week is that you can take a punt on the races and get your golf handicap down with a weekender to King Island attending the King Island Races and setting off around one (or two) of Australia’s best golf courses. 

Spring Carnival is upon us and if you’re not careful you are going to find yourself signed up to a day or two of city racing: dressing up, punting, lots of champagne and beer, and engaging in chitchat with people you see once a year at exactly the same Carnival. You know the deal: suits and heels, holes in your pockets, and your golf handicap still the same. 

King Island Races

Instead of (quite literally) going with the crowd this Spring, wouldn’t you prefer to do something a little unique? How about grabbing a group of like-minded friends for a few rounds of golf on King Island and having some old-school country racing fun?

We don’t need to wax lyrical about the golf courses, just check the reviews on Trip Advisor where the adjectival phrases begin –  those who have experienced it seem to understand that one adjective simply isn’t enough to describe what you will be playing on. But, less is known about King Island’s Racing Carnival, which has been going for over 125 years and where the calendar resonates old-fashioned racing fun with names like ‘Beef day’ (Dec 1, 2018), and ‘Ladies and Tradies Day’ (Dec 15th, 2018). 

Check the full race calendar here: King Island Race Calendar

Imagine returning to work after 1) a weekend of city spring carnival, or 2) a weekend golfing and racing at King Island. Do you want to be musing about the canapes at the marquee, or crayfish pies served at the races?

Not seeing the race track or the golf course, or smelling the horses gallop by and getting par on the 3rd at Cape Wickham? Squeezing into a train with thousands of people, or flying back with your friends on your privately chartered flight. Two birds, one stone! 

For more information on the King Island Races go to KI Racing

We’d avoid the Vortex / Tasfast Day on 26th Jan as the buggers stacked our aircraft when we lent it to them. Don’t fly with rookie pilots – Southern Golf Getaways aircraft is crewed by experienced professionals, not Bambi eyed hour-builders off to the airlines.

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