Golf on King Island: Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Is golf on King Island worth the fuss?

Ah Golf on King Island.

It’s windy.

It’s an island in the middle of Bass Strait, famous for its changeable weather, wind and cheese.

Why would anyone want to come and play golf down here?

golf on king island

That’s why.

Vast horizons, proper links courses, no crowds. Just golf.

And great food, did we mention the cheese?

At first glance, golf on King Island seems slightly preposterous. The island itself is place in the Roaring Forties, that is, it’s latitude is below 40° south – an rare strip of the earth where wind can whistle unimpeded by any significant landmass. Occasionally it bumps over Cape Horn or Tierra Del Fuego, New Zealand or Tasmania, earning these areas a reputation for relentless and strong winds for days on end.

Then there’s the problem of water. As you’d probably know, golf courses require vast amounts of fresh water. Golf on King Island would not exist without this vital resource which both Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes golf courses have cleverly tapped into.

Being so close to the ocean, the water is quite saline, leading to another problem – grass doesn’t like salt! Well, most grasses. A special combination of grass species on the fairways and greens allows the use of relatively saline water, and also the constant salt spray and salt laden air from the crashing waves adjacent to the golf courses.

But this is what real Scottish links style golf is about. You are out in the weather. In the elements. It can be challenging golf. Not always for the fair weather player.

When Cape Wickham opened in 2016 there was little in the way of accomodation. The good places would book out fast, making suitable accomodation difficult to find. When Ocean Dunes opened a year later, it bought the pub in Curry and renovated it to a high standard. Year on year there is more and more premium accomodation available, places like Porkies Beach House, Turnstone Beach House and Wave Retreat are some of the island’s most exclusive places to stay.

If it is true that the best things in the world come from struggle and adversity, then golf on King Island is going to be huge. Our suggestion is to go check it out as soon as you can, before everyone else does.

There are many ways to get there, but by a long shot the specialists in this area are Southern Golf Getaways. They own their own aircraft, have excellent contacts on the island and organise your entire trip for you. Flights, accomodation and vehicles. All you have to do is golf.

For more information contact Adam at Southern Golf Getaways  on 0400 854 758

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